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There exists a life force throughout all of nature that is constantly seeking expansion. Our dreams, goals, the desire for greater health, wellbeing personal connection and time and money freedom, are all part of that lifeforce whispering to us and encouraging us to grow! Far too often, people tune out that voice. As a consequence they get stuck, question themseves and loose confiedence in their own inate knowing of how to move forward. 


Most people are unaware that there actually exists a proven, repeatable, reliable system of transformation that brings together science of mind technology with spiritual principals to create extraordinary results in ANY area your of Life!


Welcome! It is no accident that you are here! Let me introduce myself...


My name is Jennifer Meihofer and I am a certified Transformational Life and Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Educator. For over 25 years I have been studying a variety of modalities and philosophies and working with people of all walks of life. I am passionate about speaking and educating others on how to tap into their own infinte wisdom, find greater peace and joy, achieve their dreams and create lives they truly love living!


For those who are truly ready to ignite their inner power, and create a life that is more meaningful and fulfilling than they have imagined, you my friends, have come to the right place!

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and 3 Keys to Accelerate your Success! 

I love my work. I am living my dream! It is so exciting to see how cutting edge science is finally able to prove what sages have known for ages...

Our Thoughts Shape Our Reality!


I help my clients get clear on a vision, identify and re-pattern limiting thoughts and self sabotage and become even more confident in the power within them to create extraordinary results! Offering education, inspiration and accountability, I can guide you toward creating something even more amazing in your life in far less time than you have imagined! 


So whether it is learning to overcome your stress and anxiety, freeing yourself from a health challenge, find the love of your life, finally have the courage to start that new business or up level your income, I would love to partner with you! 

So Now Its Time to Ask Yourself...

  • Do you have a dream or a goal you would love but dont know how to get there?
  • Are you stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, struggling, wanting change and/or desireing to find your life purpose?
  • Does fear, self doubt, lack of confidence and self limiting thoughts sabatage your progress forward?
  • Do you need to start over due to a divorce, loss of a job or loved one?
  • Do you desire more fullilling realtionships with a signifigant other, family members or friends?
  • Are you looking to level up in your success, your vocation, your time and money freedom?
  • Would you love greater health and wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

It is time to invest in yourself, cultivate true self awareness and learn the skills and secrets that are utilized by some of the most awakened and successful individuals in the world! Today is the day to say YES to yourself!! 

 Tap Into Your Infinate Power and

 Start Living a Life of Passion, Purpose & Meaning,

A Life You Truly LOVE Living!


Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York, Long Island, The World

Phone: 631-445-1884



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Jennifer was born to do this work. The wisdom and insights she guides me through  are truly transformational. I have never felt so alive and excited about my future! As a VIP client engaged in the her Life Mastery Program, I testify that this work far surpasses any I have done over the past twenty years!

                              Linda Stasiak


If you are looking to up level in your life, up level in the way your spirituality meets your results, you are going to want to work with Jennifer. She knows how to get you going! Don’t hesitate! You wont be disappointed!

Lauren Broiler


Jennifer is a passionate and intuitive coach of great depth of wisdom. She has opened my eyes to my own limiting blocks and helped ignite the fire within me to become an even greater version of myself. She firmly yet compassionately identifies sabotaging self talk and guides her clients towards their truest calling, helping them move consistently from the life they are living to a life they love. Jennifer's workshops are energizing and professional and she is a highly competent and devoted coach. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make lasting changes in any area of their life.

Michael P


I am astonished by the wisdom beyond her years of Jennifer and her dedication to offer help and enlightenment!

                                     Robert M


Jennifer's workshop was a great experience. It was a big wake up call for me! Thank you Jennifer for sharing all your knowledge and experience with me!



I just finished this amazing workshop with Jennifer. I am so inspired to go after my dreams! I encourage you to work with Jennifer!



Jennifer is an amazing coach and speaker.  She can connect with people in a deep and profound way and help them get the results they are wanting. I recommend her as a coach and speaker with whole heart.

Janice Bussing

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